Certified Yoga Instructor!


I’m super excited to announce I have earned my Yoga Instructor certification! While juggling 2 young daughters and a position within Social Fluency, I have managed to earn my certification… yay me!

This yoga certification is such a great addition to my Personal Training certifications. While Personal Training is focused more on the muscles, yoga is focused more on the bones. These certifications together will help me become even better at helping others create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, starting with my own family.

My family has been instrumental in my growth as a Wellness Mama. My daughters have been such a huge source of motivation for me to lead by example and teach them the power of determination and the power of being a woman. My partner has been supportive by allowing me to have the freedom to accomplish my goals within the health and wellness industry. I know the power of having a supportive family has meant everything to my success thus far.

My next goal is to continue within the yoga world and take another 300 hours, earning me my 500 hour yoga therapist certification. I’m excited about the possibilities ahead :)

Here’s to going for your goals and creating your best life!

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