My Yoga Journey

It has been a very transformative 2 year journey completing my Advanced Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapy certification. I have finished all the modules but have yet to finish all my required practical hours. The hours will come as I practice my new skills when I move home to Vancouver, Canada this summer.
I began my teacher training with a very Western mindset when it came to the idea of Yoga, being only focused on the asanas (physical practice). It didn’t help that I have a Personal Training background so my mind is/ was already super-focused on the fitness aspect of Yoga. Did I ever get schooled on the truth and meaning of what Yoga is truly about!
When I started out my teacher training, I often felt weird, or out-of-place. I laughed at myself often, in my head of course, and thought, “If my friends could see me now.” Talk about getting out of my comfort zone. I was already living in a new country (moved from Canada to the United States) and living in a very liberal city (San Francisco) and to add the extra element of becoming certified in Yoga…WOW! I suggest, if you truly desire to change your life, get out of your comfort zone often. I was definitely out of my comfort zone Oming it up and chanting frequently. I didn’t really recognize myself as I was going through the training. I often observed my experience as more of a witness, thinking, “Where am I and what am I doing?”. Not in a bad way but more in a shocked and proud of myself kind of way. Yoga was completely new to me and often, uncomfortable.
The most challenging part of my training was dealing with my spirituality or lack thereof. Let me tell you, the last thing you want to do if you lack a sense of spirituality is go through Yoga teacher training for 2 years. Maybe it’s the best thing you can do. It’s like casting a spotlight on the dark areas of one’s life. I’ve always felt I lacked a strong sense of spirituality and having lost both brothers to suicide, I definitely felt stunted in all areas dealing with a higher Being, or God. After these last 2 years, I feel more aware of my beliefs and feel more connected to people and the universe.
The other major challenge for me was embracing vulnerability. To put myself in this new arena of Yoga was so outside my comfort zone, I often felt vulnerable. I needed to learn how to embrace these uncomfortable feelings and learn to welcome them into my life. The greatest change happened because I allowedmyself, the core of my soul, to be seen. It’s very different to let myself be seen by people who are new in my life than it is to be vulnerable with those who I have known for many years. I am thankful to have found such an amazing community of beautiful and compassionate people to go through this journey with. Purusha Yoga Studio was exactly where I was supposed to be in order to discover my deepest self.
How have I changed? After 2 years fully immersing myself in Yoga, I feel like I have resurfaced a more open, vulnerable, and authentic person. I feel a softness to myself that has been suppressed for too long. The greatest feedback I received after my Thai Massage final was how peaceful and caring I came across. I was told, I have a very loving, confident and nurturing energy. Now that’s real change 🙂
I believe the peace I now feel is a product of showing up vulnerable, open and sharing my truth and experiences (especially the uncomfortable experiences)  with the Purusha community. I will embrace this new me and practice showing up in all areas of my life with my open spirit and heart. I will be forever thankful for my experience within the Purusha Yoga community and how Yoga changed my life.
Yoga grad day


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